Zombie Glue


Kush Mints x Purple Pebbles


Leans Indica

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Glorious x Superior.png


Total Terps 1.6% Unique profile: Linalool (Soothing and relaxing), Caryophyllene (Pain relief), Limonene (mood lifter)


Toal - 29.26%, THC - 25.08%, CBD - .13%, CBG - .49%

typical experiences:

This strain has a feel of its own. There are sweet, candy-like smells, but there is also this strong, savory smell that comes in hard out of the bag. Broken up, the lime green nuggets smell hits even harder. The myrcene and limonene really pop. The taste is amazing. From the first pull to the last the taste never fades. Strong lemony candy tones, followed by that sweet savory taste. Truly unique. The name is no joke. This strain will leave you feeling like a zombie. The high comes in quick and euphoric and sticks around for a while.

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