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Trop Cherry




(FEELS designation is subject to change based on terpene analysis results per batch)

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Glorious x Superior.png


Total terps - 1.52% Linalool (soothing and relaxing), Limonene (mood lifter), Caryophyllene (pain relief)

**subject to change**


Total - 24.77%, THC - 20.73%, CBD - .09%, CBG - 1%

typical experiences:

Grab your fork because this strain will have you thinking it's thanksgiving. It packs extremely savory terps, almost like thanksgiving turkey mixed with bits of berries. The flavor profile is unique and one of a kind. Good size fluffy nugs have a crazy red/pink/purple color to them. The nugs break out good and that thanksgiving smell coats the air with hints of berries still coming through. It comes in with a nice body high that will sink you in the couch if you let it.

Download a pdf with information about this strain

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