Gelato 41 x Purple Pebbles


Leans Sativa

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Purple-tinted, Gelato style nugs. The nose is all Gelato 41. This cultivar is a Gelato smokers dream. Added creaminess from the Purple Pebbles leads to a very dessert-like taste. The taste is like an icy bowl of creamy, fruit-flavored Gelato.

Glorious x Superior.png


*unique terp profile* Limonene (mood lifter), Linalool (soothing and relaxing), Ocimene (uplifting and energizing)


Total - 26.31%, THC - 22.29%, CBD - .08%, CBG - .8%

typical experiences:

Like most Sherbet
hybrids, this cross imparts a thick, heady high that feels like wearing a warm helmet without any paranoia

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