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Jungle Mac


Wifi (White Fire #43) x MAC



(FEELS designation is subject to change based on terpene analysis results per batch)

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Glorious x Superior.png


Total terps - 1.83% Linalool (soothing and relaxing) Pinene, Caryophyllene (pain relief)

**subject to change**


Total - 33.39%, THC - 28.51%, CBD - 0.16%

typical experiences:

With bright green shades and dusted in trichomes these nugs have a nice slight dank funk, but piney-floral smell that stands out. On the inhale those piney tastes shine, and the exhale is where the dank funk will come into play. The high leans more sativa, giving you that clear-headed high that allows you to get sh*t done, but still packs a punch.

Download a pdf with information about this strain

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