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Grease Bucket


GMO x Banana Punch #9



(FEELS designation is subject to change based on terpene analysis results per batch)

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Glorious x Superior.png


Total terps: 0.8% Ocimene (uplifting and energizing), Limonene (Mood lifter), Caryophyllene ( Pain relief)

**subject to change**


Total - 25.02%, THC - 21.27%, CBD - 0.08%

typical experiences:

Heavy Hitter Alert! Grease buckets packs an insane punch. It produces nice, fat and fluffy nugs that shimmer with trichomes. There are hints of purple on the lime green nuggets that make this beauty pop. Out of the bag it has a unique chocolatey smellnc, and once you spark it up there's a nice little hint of dank that comes through with the chocolate taste. The smoke is smooth but don't let that fool you - the bucket are potent!

Download a pdf with information about this strain

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