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Dirty Taxi


GMO x Chem I95



(FEELS designation is subject to change based on terpene analysis results per batch)

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Glorious x Superior.png


Total Terps 1.7%, Caryophyllene (pain relief), Limonene (mood lifter), Myrcene (sedative and relaxing),

**subject to change**


Total - 26.6%, THC - 22.29%, Cbd - 0.07% , CBG -1.2%

typical experiences:

Hop on in and take a ride with the smelly taxi driver! It’s got the smell of a skunky funk and straight gas. The high is sativa leaning but with that indica body high sprinkled in. Not so overpowering that you will be in the couch though. You will get that nice euphoric giddy-ness we all love sativas for. Roll this bad girl up and get ready for the skunky funk to fill the room. The nugs shimmer with triches and the hints of deep green and purple make this bud look spectacular

Download a pdf with information about this strain

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