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Dat Big Nasty


Chem D x Runtz



(FEELS designation is subject to change based on terpene analysis results per batch)

GROWER QUOTE + tasting notes:

Glorious x Superior.png


Top 2 terps:Caryophyllene (pain
relief), Myrcene (sedative and

**subject to change**


Coming Soon

typical experiences:

Fitting within our FADED selection, is the noteworthy Big Nasty from relentless genetics. This strain is a cross of Chem D x Runtz, originating from a breeder in Colorado. Despite Runtz's popularity, this unique combination brings a fresh perspective. The chosen phenotype heavily emphasizes candy-like qualities, boasting a robust and gassy profile with a pronounced structure. Notably, it carries distinct chem attributes with dark-hued sugar leaves, while its terpene composition leans toward gassy and Grandpa's Breath notes, which are less common in the current Michigan market. This euphoric strain, with indica-leaning effects, is best suited for evening relaxation rather than daytime endeavors.

Download a pdf with information about this strain

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